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The Helicopter Raid of Sachana was a conflict part of the Aurelian War where Gryphus One escorted an allied CH-47 helicopter unit to secure Sachana Air Base in Raven Woods, Aurelia.[1]


With the Aurelian Air Force desperately needing a new air base, they set their sights on Sachana Air Base, Aurelia's largest air force base.[1]


After Leasathian forces were destroyed at Kalana Steppes, the Skylla Unit, an elite anti-air special forces unit, had left the base to protect the Nevera Jammer at Mount Nevera. Their position was taken by a group of soldiers trained in guerrilla warfare, Gryphus One escorted a helicopter unit and protect them from RPG fire. After they reached the base, Gryphus One destroyed all enemy forces stationed there. Soonafter, the helicopter unit began to land and deployed troops to secure the base so that Gryphus One could land.[1]


With the successful recapture of the base, Aurelia now held a necessary staging point for a combined allied assault on the capital, Griswall.[1]


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