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"Their weapon is codenamed "Helios"! It's a long-range missile carried by Arsenal Birds."
AWACS Bandog[1]

Helios[a] is a long-range burst missile designed to be carried by Arsenal Birds and deployed by Erusea during the Lighthouse War. Helios missiles can be launched from very long ranges. They detonate in a blue flash of light and cause massive damage to all units caught inside the blast radius.


In Greek mythology, Helios is a personification of the Sun. Helios missiles burst in a similar shape to the Sun.

Helios missiles also share the same name as the Helios Prototype, a NASA prototype drone. The Helios Prototype bears striking similarities to the Arsenal Birds.


The origin of Helios missiles is not confirmed. The Osean AWACS Bandog was unaware of their existence until Osean headquarters provided intelligence on them, implying that Helios missiles are not Osean.[1]

During Operation Eastern Wind, an Erusean officer laments "war merchants" not writing manuals in a language that he can understand.[2] It is later revealed during Operation Gorgon that Belka (which utilizes the real-life German language) supplied Erusea with drones for the war, so the possibility exists that Belka also developed Helios.[3]


Helios missiles were not used until the middle of the Lighthouse War. Before then, Osean and IUN forces repeatedly destroyed the missiles without realizing it: inside one C-17A Globemaster III during the IUN's Operation Eastern Wind,[2] and inside two tank trucks during Operation Three of a Kind.[4]

Helios was first officially launched in combat during Spare Squadron's Operation Flush. One or both Arsenal Birds fired Helios missiles to shoot down Spare Squadron, but they failed to destroy the squadron.[1]

Helios missiles were not used again until the end of the war. The Erusean radical forces that still held control over Arsenal Bird "Justice" attempted to restock its Helios supply. Trigger shot down both SSTO supply ships carrying the Helios missiles.[5]

During the Osean-Erusean coalition's Operation Daredevil, the Arsenal Bird "Justice" repeatedly fired Helios missiles to shoot down coalition aircraft. The coalition suffered casualties, but the mission continued and Trigger destroyed the Arsenal Bird.[6]


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