"There's no need to get King involved."
― Hermann while defending Shilage[1]

Hermann is a Voslagian Air Force pilot and a member of the Sol Squadron.


Born in the Republic of Voslage before its annexation by the Kingdom of Erusea, Hermann joined and served in the Voslagian Air Force and became an activist in restoring his homeland. He also invited his friend Roald to join the air force.[2] At the onset of the war, he was tasked with guarding Mihaly A. Shilage on his combat sorties as a member of the Erusean Air Force's Sol Squadron.[3]

On September 19, 2019, Sol Squadron was sent to provide back up for the Erusean Army, which was beginning to falter at Farbanti. Hermann and the Sol Squadron engaged Cyclops and Strider Squadrons over Farbanti. During the fight, Sol 1 and the rest of his squadron retreated when the Usean satellite system went offline.[1]

As various nations in Erusea began declaring their independence, Hermann and the squadron resided in Shilage. On October 24, 2019, they took off from a tunnel to defend Shilage Castle from an attack by Strider Squadron. Hermann was the first pilot to be shot down, where he ejected and deployed his parachute.[4]


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