"I know the base commander makes a big deal whenever a new mission comes in, but it's just one after another, like that was the plan all along or something."
― High Roller[1]

High Roller was an Osean Air Defense Force fighter pilot and member of the Spare Squadron. A professional gambler, he often bet on various outcomes during missions.[2]


At some point, High Roller was transferred to the 444th Air Base and was assigned to the Spare Squadron. To make the base look official, the squadron was repeatedly deployed in order to distract Erusean forces.[3] On July 1, 2019, High Roller was deployed with Spare Squadron and distracted Erusean forces in the area. Once contact with the base commander was lost, he assisted in shooting down all bombers in the area. He had bet a lot of money on Trigger's survival during the mission, as opposed to everyone else expecting him to get shot down; AWACS Bandog in particular lost a lot of money with Trigger's survival.[4]

On July 4, 2019, High Roller participated in Operation One Pair, where he assisted in neutralizing the Erusean base in Roca Roja. As the operation progressed, he was shot down and killed by MQ-99s that had entered the airspace.[1]


True to his name, High Roller was a gambler who would always make bets on just about anything including the success or failure of missions and even the survival of himself and his comrades. While most of the other pilots had a initial dislike towards Trigger, High Roller treated him in a friendly manner and had placed a bet on his survival during their first mission which ultimately payed off.