"Remove Belka's ability to counterattack. Priority is placed on destruction over accuracy."
― Allied Forces B-52H pilot

Hoffnung was among Belka's main industrial centers. During Operation Cannibal, the city was burned to the ground after what was meant to be a precision bombing mission mutated into a saturation bombing raid. The bombing was criticized by many but managed to limit Belka's supply of weapons.


The geography around Hoffnung features rolling hills and two major rivers. One flowing out of Ustio, other one flowing out from another country; possibly Recta. The same rolling hills might also be the foothills of the mountain range that makes up the 'Round Table'. The only evidence of geology that is visible is that the area is possible made up sedimentary rocks that have been compressed slightly to form the foothills. Hoffnung has become Belka's leading producer of military supplies. It is Belka's largest industrial center after the city of Sudentor in the Waldreich Mountains.

The Belkan War - Operation Cannibal

One of Belka's main industrial centers, other than Sudentor, the industrial city was burned to the ground by a combination of Ustio saturation bombing and internal sabotage on the part of Belka on June 1st.

The operation started out as a precision bombing mission, only meant to destroy Belkan factories and military facilities, but quickly evolved into a brutal saturation bombing. As more and more of the city was destroyed by Allied bombers and AGM-86 ALCM cruise missiles, the Belkan military received orders to pull out from Hoffnung, but destroy any facilities the Allied Forces could possibly use. Even as the Belkan military's scorched earth campaign began, Ustio and Osean bombings continued. The Belkan Air Force arrived over the city and engaged the Allied bombers and their mercenary escorts. Several Bombers were destroyed, but the Allied escort planes managed to destroy the Belkan fighters and secure the city.


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