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Estovakian LCAC

A Republic of Emmeria Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion deploying a Challenger II

Hovercraft are amphibious vehicles used for the transport of vehicles across land and sea.



Hovercraft have seen use in many conflicts in the Strangereal universe, but how far back their deployment goes is unknown.

Usean coup d'état[]

Two hovercraft were seen in Seals Bridge Ravine during the Usean Allied Forces' assault operation to destroy the Dragonet-class submarine Fensalir. Both units were destroyed by Phoenix.[1]

Continental War[]

Some Erusean hovercraft were stationed in the central resupply base in Istas Fortress. They, along with the base, were destroyed by Mobius 1.

Circum-Pacific War[]

Yuktobanian Navy deployed several hovercraft during their failed amphibious assault operation at Sand Island Air Force Base.[2] Multiple hovercraft were operated by the Osean Army during Operation Footprint.[3]

Emmeria-Estovakia War[]

Republic of Emmeria Navy operated hovercraft to transport Warlock Separate Battalion during the amphibious landing operation at Kijera Oil Fields.[4]

Joint Assault universe[]

A single hovercraft "Garnet" operated by the Golden Axe Plan Private Army, was seen in San Francisco. This unit was destroyed by Antares Squadron.[5]

Assault Horizon universe[]

Russian Loyalists unit Tyuleni employed several hovercraft during their amphibious assault at Derbent.[6]

Infinity universe[]

Hovercraft was used by the two United Nations Forces amphibious assault groups, Whiskey Team and Echo Team during Operation Bunker Shot[7]

Named Units[]

Golden Axe Plan Private Army[]

  • Garnet

Russian Loyalists[]

United Nation Forces[]