"We've lost radar contact with Markov's aircraft, Colonel. If you still have him, you're our last hope!"

Hurricane is the penultimate mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.


After refueling via tanker aircraft, Warwolf Squadron pursues Andrei Markov  up the Florida coastline and encounter several Sukhoi aircraft, as well as an another PAK-FA flown by Sergei Illich. An allied F-15 squadron intends to intercept the enemy, but is shot down before they can get into firing range.

Markov disappears from radar range, and Illich breaks off from him and engages William Bishop in a dogfight through Hurricane Alex. Eventually, Illich is shot down and killed and Magic attempts to track Markov through Warwolf's flight data, believing his destination to be Washington, D.C..


  • An easter egg exists in this mission where the tornado spawned by Alex can be destroyed. Firing a Trinity missile in the water in the middle of the tornado will annihilate it. It is easiest to do this from a high altitude, pointing down towards the center of the tornado.
  • According to radio communications, at least one or two of Dagger squadron members who were shot down actually ejected safely. However, no parachutes were seen.
  • During the mission, Warwolf 3 says, "Warwolf 1, Akula is at the edge of my radar. He's almost out of range." Due to radio interference, it almost sounds like he said Mobius 1 instead of Warwolf 1.

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