ISAF Bulletin was a special bulletin released by the Independent State Allied Forces concerning the Free Erusea uprising and Mobius 1's efforts to eliminate their threat.[1] Below is a translation of the original Japanese text.[2]


Few people in history can legitimately claim the title of hero. However, the successes of Mobius 1 in the recent Continental War are such that no other name is worthy. His way of fighting was an inspiration to all ISAF units, and the plane known and feared by the Erusean military as "The Ribbon" once again dances in the sky of Usea.

A resistance movement centered around officers of the Erusean Air Force, called Free Erusea, has strengthened by the day. Although the old Erusean government did not have a formal military alliance with the Union of Yuktobanian Republics or the Republic of Anea, mutual aid activities concerning arms trade have been observed. This strength culminated in an attack on a former military arsenal that had been placed under IUN control, where they stole numerous weapons. Taking these factors into consideration, ISAF determined there exists a large scale terror network and decided to launch a suppression operation. Free Erusea has spread across the continent, but we will begin sweeping them up.

As of September 24, Mobius 1 has commenced this mission, and tales of his inspiring victories are already being told.


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