The IUN is an international organization on the Usean continent in the Strangereal universe. The IUN maintains air traffic control across the continent.[1]

The IUN also manages a peacekeeping military known as the International United Nations Peacekeeping Force[2] (IUN-PKF[3] or IUN PKF[1]), more commonly referred to as the International Union Peacekeeping Force[3] (IUPF[4]).


By 1996, the IUN was involved in peacekeeping efforts during a standoff between FCU and Erusean forces in Ugellas and Amber. However, the FCU forces retreated on April 20, 1996 following the Ulysses 1994XF04 announcement; their retreat forced the IUN to also retreat. The IUN's retreat was notably hampered by logistical difficulties and heavy storms, preventing their retreat from fully taking place until April 22.[5]

Sometime following the Continental War, a group of Erusean rebels seized a military factory that was under the IUN's control.[6] The rebels, calling themselves Free Erusea, launched attacks across the Usean continent. The Independent State Allied Forces launched Operation Katina to quell the rebellion.[7]

After Operation Katina, various ISAF squadrons, such as Mobius, Omega and Viper, were reformed as IUN squadrons.[8][9] In 2014, they were deployed against a resurgent Free Erusea.[10]

In 2019, the IUN attempted to quell hostilities between the Osean Federation and Erusea. During the ensuing Lighthouse War, the IUN-PKF assisted Osean forces in pushing Erusean forces back towards the country's borders. Part of this effort included sending AWACS Sky Keeper to assist the Osean Air Defense Force squadrons stationed at Fort Grays Island.[3]




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