"Is Captain Bartlett there? Check for a Captain Bartlett."
Kei Nagase

Ice Cage is the fourteenth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.


Our ground offensive is continuing its fast-paced push into Yuktobanian soil. A POW (Prisoner Of War) internment camp was discovered during the offensive, and a team of marines has attacked and captured the camp. The marines have secured the camp´s radio room, and a flight of helicopters is enroute to retrieve prisoners. Your mission is to provide close air support for this rescue and retrieval operation. The radio room could be retaken by the enemy at any moment. If it is, the enemy will report the attack and the mission will end in failure. Find and shoot down all enemy aircraft in the local airspace, and secure air superiority across the entire area.



The mission's first objective to shoot down all TGT aircraft. The TGTs do not appear on the map at first; the player must be near their location for them to appear.

Mission Update

After all TGT aircraft are shot down, the mission's second objective is to protect the Sea Goblin unit and destroy all anti-air defenses. The mission ends when the Sea Goblin unit lands at the POW camp.

Enemy Lists

We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires completing the mission under 11 minutes.[1]


Briefing Officer: The POW rescue operation was a success, and both the marines and our friends held in the camp were safely recovered. As for Captain Kei Nagase, who was attacked and bailed out during the operation, Colonel Perrault will issue orders on her behalf. Central command will be replacing Captain Nagase´s plane which was lost in the crash.

Orson Perrault: None of the rescued POWs saw Bartlett in the internment camp. Now where could he be, I wonder? Upon more favourable weather conditions, we will carry out a rescue operation for Captain Nagase. That's right, you've all been promoted yet again. You guys are burning through the ranks, you know that? You can thank High Command for it.