Ice Creek is a frozen glacial region located in the northernmost tip of the Usean continent. The region is mostly comprised of snow creeks, icy inlets and rocky subarctic glaciers.


Continental War

In early June 2005, the Independent State Allied Forces destroyed the dreaded Stonehenge, which had driven ISAF off the Usean mainland. With Stonehenge out of commission, ISAF commenced landing operations to reclaim control of Usea's northern region. In response, the Eruseans' launched a barrage of cruise missiles at the ISAF landing forces. Ace pilot Mobius 1 was dispatched to Ice Creek to intercept every cruise missile before they could hit their designated targets. Mobius 1 shot down all the incoming cruise missiles, as well as a high-yield burst missile, thus sparing the friendly landing forces from heavy casualties.[1]


  • An Aurora Borealis can be spotted in the skies towards the north. To date, this remains the only moment in the Ace Combat series where an atmospheric phenomenon such as an aurora has been seen.
  • Lying on the 46th parallel, Ice Creek would lie far too south to experience glaciation at sea level, let alone Aurora Borealis, in real life.


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