"I also like our chances with the new captain in charge. He feels more like an older brother than some pushy authority figure."
Toscha Mijasik[2]

Ilya Pasternak (イリヤ・パステルナーク Iria Pasuterunāku) was an Estovakian ace pilot and leader of the Vampire Team during the Estovakian Civil War. Following the destruction of the Aerial Fleet at the hands of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force and the death of Strigon leader Darijo Kovac, Pasternak was appointed as captain of the Strigon Team.[4]

Pasternak was described as being something of a ladies man and maintained good relations with those under his command. His cool-headedness and boundless confidence earned the undying admiration of his subordinates. As the former pupil of Estovakian ace Victor Voychek, his impeccable battle record earned him many medals, including the Golden Medal of Marksmanship.[4]

During Operation Free Gracemeria, Pasternak acted as the rear-guard and engaged the Garuda Team and Emmerian Air Force alone in order to ensure the safety of his wingmen. After engaging in a fierce dogfight with Talisman, he ultimately died a valiant death.[5]


Early life[]

Ilya Pasternak was born in Estovakia in 1979. Following the outbreak of the Estovakian Civil War, Pasternak joined the Eastern Faction and was assigned to Strigon Team as Victor Voychek's second-in-command. Eventually, he was reassigned to Vampire Team as its captain. As its captain, Pasternak led Vampire with such ability that it began to outshine even both Strigon and Lucijan Markovic.[4][6]

As the civil war progressed, he became recognized as one of Estovakia's top aces, boasting a perfect flight record and the absolute trust of Voychek and his subordinates. During this period, he earned several commendations, including the Golden Medal of Marksmanship. By October 2013,[7] he had earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander.[4]

Emmeria-Estovakia War[]

Pasternak Reuniting With Voychek

Pasternak reuniting with Victor Voychek at Gracemeria Central Station

Strigon Brothers Chilling

Pasternak relaxing with Toscha Mijasik at Gracemeria Air Force Base

"Know him? My sole reason of being sent here was to fight him."
― Pasternak, referring to Talisman[8]

In 2015, despite the outbreak of the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Pasternak remained in Estovakia and was not deployed to the frontlines. Following Emmeria's destruction of the Estovakian Navy's Aerial Fleet in February 2016, Vampire Team was dissolved and Pasternak was reassigned as a captain of the Strigon Team. On February 22, he took a train to Gracemeria Central Station, where he reunited with his old mentor, Victor Voychek.[9] While sitting at the station, the two discussed Emmeria's ace pilot, Talisman.[8] During his time in Gracemeria, he developed a soft spot for the poor and downtrodden living within the city.[2]

Sometime afterward, he relaxed at Gracemeria Air Force Base with his squadron members, including Toscha Mijasik, who had come to view Pasternak as an "older brother". During his downtime, he often listened to Emmeria Independence Radio and was rather invested in the stories of the Golden King.[2]

By late March, the Estovakian military had provided Pasternak with a prototype CFA-44 Nosferatu, which he later modified to allow greater utilization of the "Inferno" All Direction Multi-Purpose Missiles and the aircraft's data link capabilities with "Malebolge" UAVs.[10] As Melissa Herman and Ludmila Tolstaya were arriving at Gracemeria, Pasternak led Strigon Team as they flew to an undisclosed location.[5]

On March 31, the Emmerian military commenced Operation Free Gracemeria. Although not participating in the main battle, Pasternak, now flying his modified CFA-44, led Strigon to Gracemeria. However, before being able to engage the Emmerian Air Force, he ordered all of his wingmen to retreat, before shutting down communications to prevent them from contesting his decision. Acting as the rear guard to ensure the safety of his wingmen, Pasternak then engaged Garuda Team and managed to shoot down a number of Emmerian aircraft in the process. Despite his overwhelming firepower, he was ultimately shot down by Talisman.[5]