Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF) is a multinational coalition of Usean nations formed to combat Erusea in the Usean Continental War of 2003-2005, in the aftermath of the 1999 Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid impact. It is based heavily on the real life NATO.


As an asteroid named Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid approached Strangereal, several Usea nations built
ISAF Flags

Flags of the countries that comprise ISAF

Stonehenge, a network of eight railguns designed to shoot down the asteroid when it reaches Earth's atmosphere, in the small and neutral nation of San Salvacion. On Saturday July 3 1999, when the asteroid arrived, it broke into millions of fragments, many of which survived re-entry into the atmosphere and hit the Usean continent. Erusea, seriously damaged by the impacts and almost bankrupt from financing the construction of Stonehenge, invaded San Salvacion. The Erusian military seized Stonehenge and realized its potential as an anti-aircraft weapon. With a range that covered most of the continent, Erusea was able to take over all of Usea, with the exception of the city of Saint Ark and islands off of the east coast.
ISAF Insignias

Insignias used by ISAF field personnel.


The ISAF was a multinational military force consisting of the nations opposing Erusea. Without air support, ISAF was crushed by Erusian forces and forced to evacuate to the island-nation of North Point on the eastern Usean coast.

The Continental War

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Erusea makes it a high priority to take North Point, and frequently attacks it with bombers from th
ISAF Censored Photo

A censored photograph of five Erusean planes attacking refugee settlements. It was hidden from the public to not further any hatred for the Erusean people and government.

e nearby Rigley Air Base, formerly an ISAF Facility. The 118th TFW, Mobius Squadron, destroys the base's Tu-95 Bear bombers while they're on the ground, temporarily eliminating the threat. ISAF takes this opportunity to destroy Erusian radar sites in the northern region of the continent, allowing additional ISAF forces trapped on the mainland to retreat to North Point. ISAF then begins a campaign to destroy Erusea's "Invincible" Aegir Fleet. After cutting off supply lines, Mobius Squadron attacks the fleet while it is in Comberth Harbor. The fleet is seriously damaged. With naval control of the east coast, ISAF launches Operation: Bunker Shot, an amphibious assault on the Usean mainland with landings in Saint Ark and Caranda beach, in the southeast. The operation was a success, and ISAF forces started to retake the continent. Soon afterwards, a group of
Yellow at Comona

Taken by an ISAF pilot, this photograph depicts one of Erusea's Yellow Squadron planes.

engineers who built Stonehenge defect to ISAF. With its ground forces again coming within range of Stonehenge, ISAF decides to launch an airborne attack on it. Mobius Squadron's lead pilot, Mobius One, single-handedly destroyed every cannon, and shoots down one pilot from Yellow Squadron when they arrive. ISAF quickly advances towards the west coast until facing fierce Erusian resistance in the Whiskey Corridor, a mountain pass between the Amber and Lambert mountain ranges. With air support from Mobius Squadron, ISAF forces are victorious, and eventually reach the Erusian capital of Farbanti. ISAF launches a ground attack from the east and an amphibious assault from the southwest. ISAF ground forces capture several high ranking Erusean
Stonehenge Espionage Mission Intel

An ISAF intelligence photograph on the Erusean-controlled Stonehenge complex. The spy was caught, but is currently noted by ISAF as MIA.

officers and government officials who surrender after Mobius Squadron destroys all five aircraft of Yellow Squadron. After taking control of the Erusean capital, several officers retreat to the offshore facility, codenamed Megalith. They attempted to use the facility to shoot down asteroid fragments still orbiting the planet. Mobius squadron launched a full aerial assault on the facility in cooperation with a ground force unit inside the facility. While the Mobius Squadron held off the remaining Yellow Squadron fighters, the lead plane, Mobius One, destroyed cooling generators throughout the facility via a tunnel flight. The pilot then destroyed a large warhead before it could launch, detonating it and destroying the entire facility.


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After the Continental War, ISAF occupied Erusea for several years. In 2006, Mobius Squadron's flight lead and AWACS officer "Sky Eye" were deployed to Erusea to fight the Free Erusea insurgency. The insurgents were defeated, and the threat finally removed.

ISAF Forces


ISAF's Army consists of forces from its member nations. Their primary MBT is the M1 Abrams, and they use the AAV-7A1 for amphibious attacks. Infantry probably use various small arms depending on what country's army they belong to or bought from, e.g. G36 (Belka), M16A1 (Osean Federation), AK-103 (Yuktobania), etc.

Air Force

ISAF's Air Force includes domestic Usean aircraft and imported aircraft.

118th TFW

ISAF's 118th Tactical Fighter Wing was formed after the evacuation of the Usean continent. Although they were initially an insignificant unit within ISAF, Mobius One distinguished the unit by destroying the Stonehenge Turret Network and shooting down an aircraft operated by Yellow Squadron. Known as "The Ribbon" and "The Grim Reaper" to Erusian Forces, Mobius One was an important factor in ISAF's victory in the Usean Continental War. After the war, the unit was renamed "Mobius Squadron", in honor of Mobius One, and assisted ISAF ground forces in destroying Megalith. Mobius One later destroyed the Free Erusea insurgency's arms factory alone. Mobius Squadron was based out of North Point, but was deployed to the CV-04 Fort Grace battle group for several operations.


Many of ISAF's ships, including it's Ticonderoga class cruisers and Kitty Hawk-class carriers are former FCU ships.

  • Kitty Hawk Class CV
  • Ticonderoga Class CG
  • Hatakaze Class DDG (Called a Cruiser in the game)
  • Cassard Class FFG (Called a Destroyer in the game)

Naval Air Force


  • In real world, ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) is a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan.


Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
Operation Katina

Usean Continental War
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