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Indigo Squadron was a Belkan Air Force ace squadron that saw action in the Belkan War. Indigo's pilots were known for their elegant flight style and their pride in combat, which earned them the nicknames "Indigo Order of Belka" and "The Indigo Knights".[citation needed]


Though only the flight leader of the Squadron had seen battle during Belka's period of expansionism, the entire Squadron was soon assigned to the Eastern Front during the beginning of the Belkan War. It was here that the Indigo saw much success. For example, on March 30, 1995 the 51st Tactical Fighter Squadron engaged an enemy fighter squadron, believed to be the 3rd Air Division 122nd Tactical Fighter Squadron of the FATO Air Force over the FATO-Gebet Border. This engagement occurred during an operation aimed at capturing Model a Gebetan City and within five minutes saw many of the FATO aircraft destroyed. Flight leader Dimitri Heinreich alone shot down nine F-14D Super Tomcats within five minutes of the battle's start.

Within a day Gebet and FATO were brought under Belkan control, due to the intense speed of the Belkan attacks. During these attacks the Indigo Team racked kills en masse while facing little to no opposition.

On April 20 of that same year, the Indigo Squadron was redirected over Area B7R on their way back to base. The team's objective was to shoot down two elements of the Ustian Air Force conducting recon on the Round Table. Indigo was not unfamiliar with the area; however, the two aircraft overwhelmed the Belkan formation, and shot them all down.


Indigo One - Dimitri "Indigo Heron" Heinreich

  • Status: Alive
  • Nationality: Belkan

Shot down in an aerial encounter with mercenary pilots over Area B7R, he was rushed to the hospital unconscious where doctors succeeded in resuscitating him. He currently maintains a busy schedule running the family business.

Indigo Two - Berti Backenbauer

  • Status: Alive
  • Nationality: Belkan

After the war, he successfully worked as a linguist and a thinker. His outspoken opinions even had him blacklisted by the Bureau of Public Security. He is known for many published works, including the masterpieces: "The Theory of Cognition and Linguistics", and "The Pacifist Soldier".

Indigo Three - Mathias Overath

  • Status: Alive
  • Nationality: Belkan

After the war, he immigrated to Osea where he was headhunted by the Osean Space Agency and engaged in training to become an astronaut. The Following year, he enrolled in the Liberty Seven Project where he established a new record for continuous space flight of 72hrs. 52min.

Indigo Four - Franz Breitner

  • Status: Alive (killed after the war)
  • Nationality: Belkan

Upon the war's conclusion, he traveled the world as an employee of the International Children's Charity Foundation. While visiting a village on a disaster relief assignment, he became involved in a shootout with National Liberation Army guerrillas and was shot and killed.



  • Notably enough, Indigo Squadron is the only enemy ace formation in Zero whose members all survive through the Belkan War. Indigo 4 was killed after the war, however.
  • The Indigo emblem is similar to the emblem of the Razgriz Squadron from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
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