For the similarly named mission in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, see "The Inferno".
"He's burning! He's coming right at us!"
José Gutierrez

Inferno is the 2nd mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.


The mission begins at the air base in Africa where Colonel Bishop and a group of F-16C Fighting Falcons driven by José Gutierrez, Warwolf 3, and Warwolf 4 is taxiing out to the runway while waiting for a group of Mirage 2000's and the Red Moon Squadron to take off. As Bishop reaches the runway, a battle-damaged KC-10 Extender tanker aircraft arrives, showing extreme damage from enemy air-to-air attacks. It then smashes into the ground, nearly missing a couple of fighters on the runway. All remaining pilots, including Bishop, take off, and assist the Red Moon Squadron, who are going to hold off an entire squadron of MiG-21bis Fishbed aircraft.

During this battle, enemy aircraft can be lured over the NATO base where allied ground units can shoot them down. After eliminating the immediate threat, Lion Squadron reports addition enemies approaching, and Warwolf moves to help them. During this battle, the base's radar and missile defense systems are knocked offline, and must be protected from taking further damage. Afterwards, Lion reports SRN aircraft destroying the nearby oil facility and the combat shifts there.

During this battle, Illich's plane is damaged and he ejects, but before a search and rescue team can be dispatched, he is captured by ground troops.

Top Rank

Earning the top Clear Rank (S Rank in Japanese, A Rank in other languages) on this mission requires a total score of 1,900 or more.[1]


  • In an early version of the game, Su-25 Frogfoot fighters would have made an appearance in the mission, attacking the oil fields. However, they are completely absent in the retail edition.
  • Towards the end of the mission, Red Moon 4 is attacked by rebel aircraft, and is normally scripted to die. The player can destroy the one Fishbed pursuing him, saving his life. However, he doesn't thank Bishop for rescuing him, unlike Lion 1 in "Blue on Blue". Instead, it was Red Moon 2 who thanked Bishop for saving his teammate.


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