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Template:3Conflict The Usean Corporate War takes place in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere during the year 2040. The game has multiple endings, although the victor of the war can't be changed, the fate of many characters can. It is assumed that the ending where the player stayed loyal to the UPEO is the canon ending. However, some facts are mixed in from all paths (except the Ouroboros) giving the reader of this section a better feel for the game’s General Outline. All information only pertains to the Japanese version of the game.


Ever since the Faith Park Dispute in 2040, the tension between Neucom Inc. and General Resource LTD. skyrocketed. Despite the best efforts of the UPEO and NUN to defuse the situation, things quickly became out of hand.

The UPEO, having their designated no-fly zones constantly broken by Neucom Transport Groups, order their SARF Unit over Expo City to engage and destroy an NEU Transport Group. The destruction of this group outraged Neucom Inc. officials, causing them to call the UPEO "Puppets of General Resource". The fact that UPEO’s Supreme Commander was once a key member in General Resource, did not help this either. Neucom declared war against General Resource. Each side began to bear arms as conflict broke out.

Paper Tigers

Neucom’s opening offensive on General Resource was the start of war between the two Conglomerates. As the UPEO scrambled to stop their attacks, General Resource had began to work along side them. Of these many units the UPEO’s SARF (Special Armed Forces) unit was dispatched. The SARF was comprised of the Ace pilots: Rena-Hirose, Erich Jaeger and Fiona Chris Fitzgerald, who's sister is the NEU Ace Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald and were supported by an A.I. known as Nemo. The SARF took on the task of multiple UPEO Operations throughout the conflict.

The General Resource Defense Force gave many Universal Peace Enforcement Organization Pilots training along side their own pilots and supplied the UPEO with General Resource made aircraft. The UPEO’s SARF had undertaken a training mission the GRDF’s Top Ace Abyssal Dission and his wingman Keith Bryan.

The initial UPEO Operations were focused on repelling the NEU attacks, intercepting NEU Transport Groups, and protecting GR Facilities. The NEU commenced their operations by Jamming GR Antenna in the Waipolo Mountains. Neucom then began to attempt to gather their forces at Megafloat, but the UPEO’s SARF attacked their ships, aircraft and military facilities there, stopping those operations.

General Resource, seeing Neucom’s attacks stemming, then attacked Neucom Inc. The UPEO then began to protect Neucom Facilities against the GRDF’s attacks as best they could, but were exhausting their supplies and personnel in these changing battles. The SARF Pilots were facing the brunt of this exhaustion.


They could not stop Neucom from losing a very large Ammunitions Plant, and a frontline Air Base, along with eight R-201 Asterozoa stationed there. These General Resource attacks were devastating. In an attempt to transport much needed supplies safely, the NEU began to form large flights of Ultra High Altitude Transport Groups comprised of R-531 Mobura and R-311 Remora escorts. The GRDF began to intercept Neucom Ultra High Altitude Transport Group with their RF-12A2 Blackbird II units at White Valley Air Base. These operations were successful in slowing the move of Neucom supplies.

General Resource attempted to take the Riass Space Center in the Comona Islands, in a daring Air Drop utilizing their Antlion Walking Tanks. Their objective was to destroy a Neucom R-808 Phoca space-shuttle and occupy the Space Center. The NEU scrambled their fighters and destroyed the entire Air Drop Group, along with the Antlions before they could disrupt the launch of the Neucom Space Ship. Days later, the R-808 returned from orbit with information on General Resource's newest weapon, known as the Orbital Satellite Laser (OSL). The R-808 was ambushed by waiting GRDF Forces, but the attack was repelled quickly. After analyzing the R-808's information, it was discovered that the OSLs were nearly prepared to fire upon Neucom targets across the USEA. The NEU launched the R-352 Sepia space fighter, the only one of its kind at the time, into space on a daring intercept misison. The Sepia managed to destroy the OSL before they became active and returned to base safely. This flight was the first combat space flight in the planet's history.

One of these satellites had fallen into the atmosphere's gravity well and was brought down in the ocean, near Megafloat. A race between an NEU Recovery Team and a GRDF Recovery Fleet had sparked as each side sped to the crash site. The GRDF Fleet was destroyed by NEU deployed at Megafloat and the OSL was recovered by Neucom Inc.

The Universal Peace Enforcement Organization had dispatched their SARF, during the middle of these recent events, when an emergency situation had arisen. Neucom's Nano-Technology Research Facility in Chopinburg suddenly had it's Building/Construction Nano-Bytes experience a large problem and suddenly began to multiply. The SARF was attacked by the Nano-Bytes, but quickly neutralized them with Anti-Nano-Byte Weaponry.

Neucom had experienced some success' and it prepared to launch their large Submarine Fleet. The Submarine Fleet was spotted by the General Resource Defense Force and quickly came under attack by GRDF Aircraft. The entire Sub fleet was lost in the attack.

Casted Shadows

As the UPEO did it’s best to stop the General Resource aggressions, they were forced into a very unique situation. An R-505U Transport Plane carrying Gabriel W. Clarkson, the UPEO’s Representative was found indicated to be flying a fake flight plan. It was said that Gabriel Clarkson was attempting to defect to Neucom Inc. for unknown reasons and was not be allowed to survive. The R-505U was shot down by the UPEO SARF, before Neucom reinforcements arrived.

In the midst of this, a report of a large UI-4052 Airship filled with Chemical Weaponry sent by an unknown terrorist group, was sighted over Axel Bay. The SARF had quickly taken care of the situation by destroying multiple large Smoke Stacks and a bridge, in the UI-4052's flight path, allowing it to make a water landing. But the origin of this attack was not yet confirmed. However, there was no time for UPEO HQ to fully investigate the situation

Neucom Inc. attempted to gather it’s forces at Megafloat once again in an attempt to launch a large scale strike. The GRDF quickly launched operation “Hit and Run” and destroyed the Neucom Forces, with only two aircraft. Immediately afterwards, a General Resource attack was launched on Neucom’s Port Edwards Facilities. The UPEO scrambled it’s pilots to stop the large Air Battle which broke out over Port Edwards. The UPEO managed to stop the battle, but the city was badly damaged.

Finally, the Ouroboros, a Revolutionary group, arose from the shadows and claimed responsibility for engineering the conflict between General Resource and Neucom Inc. It was also found that the UPEO Supreme Commander, Gilbet Park, was a part of the Ouroboros and had used the UPEO’s SARF Team to attack falsely marked targets to continue the aggressions between GR and Neucom. The SARF broke away from the UPEO after this and moved to destroy the Ouroboros and Commander Park.

After multiple engagements over Port Edwards, Expo City and Mega Float the Ouroboros were finally cornered at Mega Float. During the final battle Mega Float was destroyed by the Ouroboros, though their entire Air and Naval Fleets, and their UI-4053 Sphyrna mobile HQ, were destroyed as well. As their flying HQ fell into the waters near Megafloat, two aircraft did escape and flew into the Geofront. The AI Nemo had engaged one of these aircraft, the X-49 Night Raven, within the Geofront. After two battles it was finally destroyed, though the Geo Front was lost. The second aircraft, the UI-4054 Aurora, was engaged near the Megafloat destruction site and piloted by the defected GRDF-Ace Abyssal Dission. Nemo engages Abyssal Dission and after a large one-on-one air battle. The Aurora is damaged and it is found that Abyssal is a sublimated being and activates a program which brings himself and Nemo into the Electrosphere. The final battle is carried out in the Electrosphere, a feat. which was thought to be physically impossible to achieve. The battle ended with the destruction of the UI-4054 and the deletion of Abyssal Dission.

System Error

In late 2040, near the end of the conflict, eight of Neucom's new XR-900 Geopelia, modeled after the X-49, lifted off from a Neucom Air Base and begin to attack Port Edwards - all without warning. The General Resource Defense Force scrambled their best Ace Pilot to combat them. An extended engagement broke out and eventually resulted in the GRDF fighter to be hacked into by the XR-900s. The AI was connected to the controls of the XR-900 which had hacked into its aircraft and used the fighter to destroy the remaining Geopelias.

It is rumored that the XR-900s were programmed by the Ouroboros. Thus far, no official explanations have been released. This attack, if planned by the Ouroboros, may have been a final attack or a sign that the faction still exists today.

According to Simon while Nemo appears to greatly influence the lives of its copilots, and despite its extreme usefulness as a war simulator, the impact of its independent decisions on the outcome of the Usean Corporate War is extremely minute, almost non existent.

Since the project has served its purpose, Simon purges all of the program's files, fearing it might fall in the wrong hands.


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