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An intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) is essentially an intercontinental ballistic missile with a reduced range. IRBMs are not commonly used, due to the advancing technology prevalent in ICBMs.

Currently, there are only two currently known uses of an IRBM.

One use was by Erusea during the Lighthouse War. After losing an Arsenal Bird, Osean forces moved in and freed over half of the Usean continent. In response, Erusea reactivated several IRBM silos in Sierraplata in order to stop this advance. The Long Range Strategic Strike Group's Strider Squadron, consisting of Trigger, Count, Jaeger, Lanza, and several B-2A Spirits were sent to destroy the IRBMs in their silos before they could be launched. Using targeting pods to guide bombs, they destroyed all of the actual silos, even with the presence of fake silos. Despite this, several IRBMs that were hid in the dam were launched. However, these IRBMs were all destroyed before they reached critical altitude.[1]

Another use of an IRBM was during the Intercorporate War, where Nemo and Keith Bryan destroyed a Neucom IRBM base in the Amber Mountains. If the base wasn't destroyed in enough time, Neucom launched a single IRBM with an unknown target, which Nemo promptly destroyed.[2]


  • Even though the Intercorporate War was a simulation, the fact that Neucom, a large corporation, could have been in possession of at least one IRBM in 2040 is quite strange considering the usage of ICBMs during both the Usean coup d'état[3] and the Continental War[4].


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