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The International Space Station was a large scale collaborative project by various nations led by Osea and Yuktobania with the goal of developing a manned space station. The start of the project was declared in the August 2008 G7 Summit as a means of strengthening international relations after the Belkan War, and saw the involvement of Verusa and the Federation of Central Usea. The construction of the station was overseen by the space bodies of the two superpowers, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Federal Space Agency.[1]

The Basset Space Center and the mass driver it housed were erected by Osea and the Union as a cornerstone of the plan. Part of the funding for the project came from the reduction of the Osean defense budget imposed by Vincent Harling after the Belkan War as a symbol of peace towards Yuktobania.[2]

There is no further mention of the Space Station in existing media, so it is unknown if the station was affected by the Circum-Pacific War or even completed.


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