This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Invasion of Gracemeria (mission).
"So those bastards think they can barge into someone's house without even even calling first!?"
Daniel Pollini[1]
"Unbelievable. I say we teach 'em a few manners before we kick 'em out."
Marcus Lampert[1]

The Invasion of Gracemeria[2] was the opening battle of the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The surprise attack carried out by Estovakia resulted in the capture of Gracemeria and forced the Emmerian military out of their capital. This battle had a great impact on the citizens of Emmeria.[3]


Following the Ulysses Impact Event, Estovakia's economy was fell into ruin. To hasten their eastern neighbor's recovery, Emmeria attempted to provide financial aid to the country. However, this was cut short as a civil war broke out in Estovakia. Ultimately, the Eastern Faction won the war and established a new government under a military regime.[3]

Over the next few years, tensions would rise between the two nations, eventually resulting in Estovakia declaring war on Emmeria.[4]


On August 30, 2015, the Estovakian military invaded Gracemeria. Destroying the King's Bridge and many other parts of the city in the process. The Emmerian military would quickly deploy numerous squadrons, ships and tanks to defend the city from the invaders.[1]

The Republic of Emmeria Air Force almost managed to drive out the invading forces, managing to down a majority of Estovakian fighters and bombers. Grobda Tank Company and Avalanche Squadron would deal with incoming airborne tanks. The Estovakian Navy also moved into the King's Bay, where it was engaged by the Republic of Emmeria Navy.[1]

Nimbus missiles

Emmerian F-2As witnessing Nimbus impacts

The defense was going well for Emmeria, almost managing to drive out the invading forces. Though the tides quickly turned in Estovakia's favor when Nimbus missiles launched from the P-1112 Aigaion wiped out around half of Emmerian aircraft above the city. The following arrival of the Strigon Team pressured the Emmerian Air Defense Command to order a withdrawal and all remaining Emmerian forces retreated west, abandoning Gracemeria.[1]


Shortly after the battle, Estovakia pushed into Emmerian territory, taking the area around Mante, and repelling any recapture attempts.[3]

Talisman was also able to shoot down Victor Voychek, who was leading Strigon Team at the time, relegating him to ground duty.[3]



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