"I don't even have a country to call home, let alone the sky. The black forest, the lake... they are no longer mine."
― Ionela to Dr. Schroeder[2]

Ionela A. Shilage is one of Mihaly A. Shilage's two granddaughters, the other being Ionela's younger sister, Alma. Ionela and Alma assisted their grandfather while he participated in the Erusean Air and Space Administration's drone development program.


Ionela was born in 2004 during the Continental War. Her younger sister was born five years later,[1] before their mother died due to unknown causes.[2] Their grandfather, Mihaly, took both of them in.[1] At some point, Ionela went to the same school as Rosa Cossette D'Elise; the two formed a friendship that lasted into Cossette's time as Erusea's princess.[5]

During the Lighthouse War, Ionela and Alma took care of Mihaly after he returned from each of his test sorties for the EASA.[1] Ionela strongly disapproved of the program and blamed the program's chief researcher, Doctor Schroeder, for the pain her grandfather endured.[6]

On July 12, 2019, Mihaly encountered Trigger for the first time in Yinshi Valley.[7] He later recounted the experience to Ionela, referring to Trigger as an aircraft with scratches on its tail.[3] After Mihaly's return, Ionela observed Schroeder ordering a new suit for Mihaly to push his flying even further; she glared at Schroeder with disapproval.[6]

After Mihaly vanished following the fall of Farbanti, Schroeder and his assistant took Ionela and Alma under their care.[8] The group boarded a Kawasaki C-1[3] and traveled to the International Space Elevator's main support facility.[2] While passing over Anchorhead, the group encountered Trigger and the Long Range Strategic Strike Group before coming under fire by Erusean conservative forces and rogue Erusean UCAVs. Ionela demanded Schroeder tell her what was happening and held on tight to Alma during the battle. Ionela also identified Trigger as "the [aircraft] with the scratches".[3]

Ionela Destroying Data Chip

Ionela after destroying Schroeder's data chip

After arriving at the space elevator, Ionela learned of Schroeder's Belkan origin and his intention to upload her grandfather's flight data to new drones. She left Alma at the entrance and prevented Schroeder from using his computer in the main factory, but not before he had already uploaded the data to two new drones. Avril Mead, Tabloid, Princess Cossette, and a 444th Air Base prison guard entered the factory soon after. Ionela snatched Schroeder's data chip with Mihaly's data, stole a handgun from the prison guard's holster, and shot both the data chip and a server rack in the room.[2]

Ionela then tossed the handgun aside, refusing to harm Schroeder for fear of becoming "just like" him and Cossette, both of whom she blamed for her grandfather's suffering. She then confronted the futility of Schroeder's personal vendetta against the world, lamented her grandfather's suffering and the erasure of her people and culture, and stated that they must move on from nostalgia and "behave like mature adults". Her words convinced Schroeder to work with Avril in shutting down the drone factory.[2]

After the war, Ionela, her sister, and Cossette began working together to assist refugees taking shelter at the space elevator.[9]



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