Isaac Arensky was an Estovakian soldier and politician.


During the Estovakian Civil War, Arensky served as an Air Marshal of the Northern Highlands, which opposed the Lyes United Front. He was a close friend of Gustav Dvornik, a fact that that led to the assimilation of the Highlands into the Eastern Faction. After the defeat of the LUF, he became the Foreign Minister of the postwar government, becoming famous locally and abroad for his appeals to the reconstruction of Estovakia. However, he had bad relations with Prime Minister Jacob Šuker and other members of the Eastern Faction.

In November 2013, Arensky traveled in a car to the Zaurek International Airport to attend a conference in Emmeria when it came under attack by a crowd of attackers, and was knocked unconscious by a grenade while trying to abandon the vehicle. He remained in critical condition until his death on December 2, which was kept secret until 2014 in accordance to his will, where he ordered all information to be suppressed until a replacement to continue his legacy was found. His position was assumed by Antonina Koznick, a former Eastern Faction soldier.


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