The entire complex of the base was establised on a flat mountain peak over the Tango Line's strategic center, Istas Fortress, when tensions with Erusea and the FCU brewed and boiled. Like its counterpart, Rigley AB, a base up further northwest, Scion AB is a former ISAF facility. It was founded on the date 3rd September, 2001. Supplies were flown in from the ISAF GHQ in Los Canos, Amber. The ISAF first depended on it to be key aerial lift in their operations. Then, they decided that its real purpose was to target Stonehenge. This was only if the Erusians were invading en masse.ISAF High Commnad may never realized it, but the entire facility, as well as the fortress, is within 'Stonehenge's' effective range and it was constructed at the sufficient height within the Low Yield Nuclear Shell's radius of blast.


When the Usean Continental War broke out, Scion AB was claimed by Erusean forces during their premeditated onslaught. No longer supplies and troop reinforcements aided the base's welfare when Los Canos was occupied and the ISAF GHQ was effectively transfered to North Point.

When ISAF forces began their push on the mainland, Istas Fortress, became a prime target. If the fortress was critically damaged to a point of disrepair, the Tango Line will be ineffective. Aircraft were sent within Stonehenge's effective range to cripple the supply lines and interdict the entire complex. Among them was Mobius 1, ISAF's premier pilot. Scion Airbase was the first sector of Istas Fortress to come under heavy attack. When the strike force moved on to towards the Submarine Servicing Complex to decimate the facilities and vessels there, Scion AB had been totally annihilated.


Scion AB is undergoing major repairs and renovations to this day by ISAF. The ISAF is making prepartions and make operational as a forward base and return it to the FCU.

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