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The Gripen NG (short for Gripen Next Generation) is a two-seater variant of the Gripen C fighter aircraft manufactured by Saab.



The only recorded use of the Gripen NG was during the Usean coup d'état, operated by the Usean Rebel Forces.[1] One of their aces, callsign Jian, also used the aircraft.[2]

Game Analysis

"Boasting low cost and high availability, this fighter performs the roles of Fighter, Attacker, and Recon equally well."

How to Unlock

Complete Cavalry. Costs 54,400 credits.


Gripen NG stats.jpg

Special Weapons


  • Color 1: Grey body with black wing and vertical stabilizer tips
  • Color 2: 3-tone forest camouflage
  • Color 3: Color 1 with different shades of jagged-edged orange on body
  • Color 4: Color 2 with teal and dark blue shades
  • Color 5: Pink-to-blue variation of Color 3
  • Color 6: 2-tone brown with red

Named Pilots



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