"I hate not being able to move in three dimensions. Cramps my style."
Jack Bartlett

Jack "Heartbreak One" Bartlett (ジャック·バートレットJakku Bātoretto), that was borned during 1968, was the leader and flight instructor of the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron from the Sand Island Detachment.

Though he would never show it, Bartlett would give his life for his wingmen.


"His nickname was also "Kid" back then."
Pops, Ace Combat 5 (scene #20, "Ancient Walls #1")

Bartlett, although a very talented pilot, has had a notorious history of being unable to comply with orders given, opting instead to follow his conscience. Bartlett cares for all the trainees under his command (referring to them as nuggets), and he secretly admires Kei Nagase skill when she defends herself after being attacked before the start of the war.

He also seem to notice Blaze's skill, so he gave Blaze his old nickname "Kid". Thus, Blaze became his favorite pupil.

His last recorded sortie was when he destroyed one of the two SOLG controls in Sudentor. Bartlett survived the final mission, but nothing more is knowed about what happened to him and the members from his squadron. Is knowed that after the war in 1995 he was never promoted again in part for his insubordination.


Before the Belkan War

He was born in the Osean Federation in 1968 and joined the Osean Air Defense Force before the start of the infamous Belkan War

Belkan War


He was one of the many pilots from Osea that where sent to the frontlines to fight agains the Belkan Military in order to stop their advancing troops. During the war is knowed that his nickname was Kid just before the Major from the Yuktobanian Army Nastasya Vasilievna Obertas (Bartlett's relationship with Obertas drawing suspicion from his superiors during the latter conflict) broked his hear. That was sometime before the starting of the Operation Battle-Axe when Bartlett adquires the nickname Heartbreak One.

Years later, during the Circum-Pacific War, she and Bartlett are reunited and work together to free Prime Minister Seryozha Viktorovich Nikanor from prison.

Operation Battle-Axe

He foughted during the Operation Battle-Axe alongside other talented pilots like the mercenary pilots from the squadron 66th AFU Galm. During the final engage in that same day he was shot down by Ashley Bernitz (an ace pilot from the Belkan Air Force) alongside Wolfgang Buchner, a Belkan deserter.

The Journey Home

He meet Buchner after his succesfully landing after jumping from his plane, after that, they started a journey to reach the Osean Federation's frontlines, thanks in part to the destruction of the Bartlett's attachment headquarters by the Magnetic Pulse Weaponry he was able to convince his autorities that Wolfgang was his squadron leader and not a Belkan ace.

Before the Circum-Pacific War

He was sent alongside Peter N. Beagle (Wolfgang Buchner) to Sand Island as trainer from the 108th TFS located there.

Circum-Pacific War



  • During the takeoff sequence of Mission 04, a voice very similar to Bartlett's can be heard speaking twice, first saying "They're gonna be annihilated on the tarmac if we don't get them airborne!" and "Whatever you do, don't crash into the airfield!", albeit not always in this order.
  • He also appears in an F-14D Super Tomcat on Ace Combat Zero on Mission 10 in the mercenary ace style.
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