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"That was definitely the most intense thing I've ever been in. Can't wait to tell my son about this. "
― Jaeger commenting on being part of Trigger's battle with the ADF-11

Jaeger is an Osean Air Defense Force pilot and a member of the Strider Squadron. He is the father of Erich Jager.[1]


Jaeger flew as a member of the Strider Squadron during the Lighthouse War. He was present during the battle over Yinshi Valley. Apart from that, little is known about him, save from him revealed to be a father later on in the story. [2]


Jaeger is a mature, level-headed pilot with a composed and clear moral conviction. This may stem from his background of being a father.

He is known for his penchant for telling stories, as he once told the legend of a certain "King of the Skies", who struck fear into every enemy he faced, none of them ever coming back alive to tell the tale during Operation Siren's Song, and a background monologue of the history of Shilage, and to that extent, that of its neighboring state of Voslage and Erusea's expansionism during Operation Beehive. Jaeger is notable for showing particular eagerness to tell stories of his sorties and deployments to his son back home, examples being the destruction of the Arsenal Bird Justice in Operation Daredevil and the battle against the pair of super advanced combat UAVs: Hugin and Munin, during the Lighthouse War's final mission, Operation Hush. Operation Beehive, however, is one story of a sortie he wouldn't tell his son about.


  • Jaeger translates to "hunter" in German.
  • Following Mission 16, Jaeger takes charge of all mission briefings and debriefings.


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