Second Lieutenant Jakov Vabec (callsign Oblako) was an ace pilot in the Estovakian Air Force. He was the squadron leader of the Western Forces Precinct's 98th Aviation Regiment 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron, with prior experience fighting for the Lyes United Front in the Estovakian Civil War.[1]

Vabec was highly critical of the Estovakian Military Regime, as they were using him as a "sacrificial pawn" to defend Grageo Canyon during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. He was shot down in the Battle of Ragno Fortress and rescued by Estovakian forces, but court-martialed and held in prison until the end of the war.[1]


Born in Estovakia circa 1981, Vabec joined the Lyes United Front during the civil war and flew on the front lines against the Eastern Faction. Following the Eastern Faction's victory, Vabec continued to serve in the Estovakian Air Force. At some point, he became the squadron leader of the 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron.[1]

Vabec was assigned to defend Grageo Canyon at some point after Estovakian forces captured its main facility, Ragno Fortress. In March 2016, Emmerian forces launched an offensive to recapture the fortress, and Vabec was among the defenders. However, he saw his assigned post as a sacrifice, and broadcast criticism over the radio against Estovakia's high command despite engaging Garuda Team at the time.[1]

Vabec was shot down in the battle and rescued by Estovakian forces, but he was sent to a court-martial. He was found guilty of disobeying direct orders and slandering a former head of state, and was subsequently imprisoned. He was released at the end of the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1]



  • "Oblako" means "Cloud" in Russian.


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