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Janice Rehl (ジャニス・リール Janisu Rīru) is a member of the NATO's Task Force 108, pilot of the AC-130U Spooky gunship Spooky 01, and leader of USAF Bomber Squadron "Razor." She is the first identifiably female player character in the series. The player takes control of her and her bomber in mission 11, "Launch" (among other characters).


Janice was a pilot for a United States bomber squadron, callsign Razor. She became part of Task Force 108 and was assigned as an AC-130U gunship pilot on behalf of Col. William Bishop of the Warwolf Squadron to help the assault on the frontlines. After Task Force 108 was moved to help defend Dubai, Jan was reassigned to the Razor Squadron and sent on a mission to destroy an ICBM base in Russia.


In terms of personality, Rehl is assertive, independent and free-spirited. As well, she likes to flirts with José Gutierrez ("Guts"), Bishop's wingman. She also respects Bishop as a leader. In the ending cutscene she hugs Bishop, announcing "Guts" is still alive and his beacon is detected.


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