The Jilachi Desert Invasion is the largest battle fought by either side in the entirety of the Circum-Pacific War.


In the last weeks, the military of the Osean Federation managed to take over several regions in the south of the Union of Yuktobanian Republics, starting with Operation Footprint in early November, mostly thanks to the help of the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog", who had two of the Circum-Pacific War's crowning achievements; to be specific, the destruction of the submersible carriers Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi.


Desert Arrow

The first part of the operation was at the north of the Jilachi Desert. The 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Osean Air Defense Force, together with squadrons of A-10s and Tornado IDSs. Tornado IDS Squadron attacked first tanks and X-45 UCAVs, while the A-10A Thunderbolt II Squadron escorted the Viking Squadron (B-52H Stratofortress). Blaze decided which team he wished to join. Later, Yuktobanian F-16XL attacked the 1st Tank Division. Two AC-130 gunships, two Vulcan and two B-52 Stratofortress bombers also attacked the ground forces, but they were all reppeled by Osean Air Defense Force fighters. Almost at the same time, F-15E Strike Eagle and Tornado F.3 squadrons from Yuktobanian Air Force attacked the Viking Squadron, they were also shot down. Viking Squadron reached their objective: the Yuktobanian field headquarters. They reduced it to rubble with the help of Wardog Squadron. After that, the Osean Ground Defense Force 1st Tank Division reached the Yuktobanian airfield, and, with the help of Wardog Squadron captured it. When it appeared that the mission had ended, after the Mission Update, AWACS Thunderhead reported a squadron of two Yuktobanian E-767s and one KC-10 Extender, escorted by an squadron of Yuktobanian fighters. After their destruction, the mission ended.

Desert Blitz

In the second part of the Jilachi Desert Invasion, the 108th TFS of the OADF had two objectives. One was to escort the 3rd Tank Battalion to neutralize an enemy outpost, then capture a Yuktobanian oil field. Their second mission was to escort the 2nd Tank Battalion to the Yuktobanian airfield, located to the north. During this mission, an F/A-18C Hornet squadron was also present to help Osea. The 3rd Battalion saw no major threats, while the 2nd Battalion lost their only tank destroyer. Even a Yuktobanian Air Force transport plane parachuted tanks to attack the battalion. AH-64A Apache helicopters contantly attacked them. But Wardog Squadron destroyed them. When both battalions reached their objectives and defeated the hostile forces with the help of Wardog Squadron, something unexpected happened; a Yuktobanian Navy battleship, the Upor, a frigate and the support artillery unit launched a counterattack. But as soon as they were detected, Wardog Squadron hurried to destroy them, ending the battle with minimal casualties.


The Osean ground forces have taken control of the Jilachi Desert and advancing to the Yuktobanian capital.


  • The presence of crop fields and an oil field in the Jilachi Desert (north and south, respectively), alongside the nature of the mission are references to the legendary Operation Desert Storm, a massive joint assault mission spearheaded by the United States & Great Britain against Iraq in 1991.
  • Also, some crops very closely resemble Pac-Man, the trademark of Namco.