This article concerns the Osean astronaut. For the player's wingman in Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy, see John Herbert.
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John Harvard[1] was an Osean astronaut engineer of the Osean Aerospace Bureau and crewman aboard the Arkbird spacecraft in late 2010.


In late 2010, Harvard was present on the Arkbird when it was sabotaged by explosives concealed within a supply shipment from Earth. It is presumed that Harvard was unaware of the fact that the Arkbird had been infiltrated by agents of the Grey Men. On December 19, Harvard's captors redirected the Arkbird into the atmosphere over the Ceres Ocean in an attempt to detonate a nuclear warhead on Okchabursk, Yuktobania. Upon realizing what was happening, Harvard engaged the Arkbird's airbrakes, sending it into a dive, and fled in an escape capsule.[2]

After returning to Osea, he spoke to a photojournalist's associate about his experience. However, the Osean government would neither confirm nor deny Harvard's statements regarding the circumstances surrounding the Arkbird's destruction.[3]


  • Were it not for Harvard's actions aboard the Arkbird, the Razgriz might not have been able to destroy it and prevent the nuclear attack on Okchabursk.
  • There is much confusion about the true identity of Slash in Ace Combat 2 due to the following two names being given:
  • It is likely that Slash's surname was originally Harvard but retconned to Herbert in Legacy. Due to the conflicting situation, Acepedia officially considers John Herbert to be the name of the pilot that flew with Phoenix as well as in the Stonehenge defense squadron, and John Harvard to strictly be the name of the Arkbird astronaut. It is up to our readers to have differing opinions or headcanons considering all available information.