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"Til the very end, you idiot! We've got to protect these people!"
Alvin H. Davenport answering to Hans Grimm's question

Journey Home is the seventeenth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.


Perrault: We're holding a peace ceremony at a stadium in November City. Our Vice President will be giving a speech to rally the citizens.'ve been asked to do a fly-by above the ceremony. Don't screw this up! You should consider this an honor, and do your part to boost citizen morale. This is the Vice President we're dealing with here, so consider this a guard detail as well, and be prepared for anything out there.

Briefing Officer: Your mission this time takes place above November International Stadium--a gigantic, 70,000 seat arena located in the centre of the city of November, on the southern coastline of Osea. Vice President Appelrouth is giving a speech there, and you will be conducting a fly-by above the stadium as part of the production. You can return to base at 1730 hours, the time the speech is scheduled to end. After the fly-by, remain in formation and conduct a combat air patrol in and around the stadium until that time. This is a ceremonial flight, but you will be fully armed in case of an emergency. Don't forget to patrol the airspace surrounding the stadium, too.


The player must follow Nagase in a tight formation throughout the ceremonial flight, but take care not to collide into her or other wingmen's aircraft.

Mission Update 1

Enemy aircraft will start appearing over the city with constant stream of reinforcements, followed by a 6-minute countdown. When countdown timer ends at zero, a squadron of F-117A Nighthawk will appear as TGT. Chopper's aircraft will be damaged by enemy fire at this point. The player needs to shoot down all enemy stealth aircraft before they could reach the stadium. Chopper will plan to crash his aircraft into the stadium once all TGT have been shot down.

Mission Update 2

After Chopper crashed, more enemy aircraft will appear. The mission will end once 8 enemy aircraft have been shot down (9 if including named aircraft PROTEUS), or after 125 seconds have elapsed (when remaining time reaches 00'54"94).

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 23,000 points.[1]


Vice President Appelrouth escaped the stadium in his personal vehicle. Despite the late arrival of reinforcements, civilian casualties were kept to a bare minimum. The Yuktobanian fighters' ingress route is currently under investigation. Captain Alvin H. Davenport, who lost his life in the battle, is no longer with the team. He has been granted a posthumous two-rank promotion.


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