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The KF-C7 (Kfir C.7) is a multirole aircraft that only appears in Ace Combat 2.


In Ace Combat 2, the KF-C7 was fielded by Usean Rebel Forces in limited numbers during the Usean coup d'état[1]. However the aircraft did not make an appearance in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy's depiction of the event.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 2

How to Unlock

Complete mission 1: "Gambit" on normal mode. Costs $60,000.


Power: 50
Defense: 30
Mobility: 20
Stability: 80
Climbing Ability: 40
Air-to-Air: 40
Air-to-Ground: 40
Duration of flight: 16 minutes
Absorbability: Light




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