The Ka-25 is a light helicopter featured in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.


The Ka-25's only documented flights were during the Continental War where they were utilized by the Federal Erusea Air Force. During Operation Early Bird, Ka-25s were stationed at the Petrochemical Complex, all of which were destroyed in the operation.[1] During Operation Rough Seas, the aircraft carrier Geofon of the Aegir Fleet launched a single Ka-25. It was destroyed along with all other forces belonging to the Aegir Fleet by the Independent State Allied Forces.[2]

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies[]

How to Unlock

The Ka-25 is not available to the player.




A FEAF Ka-25 misidentified as a Ka-50 on the HUD

  • The stationary Ka-50s featured in "Lifeline" are in fact misidentified Ka-25s.
  • The Ka-25's main role is anti-submarine attack. Given that ISAF did not deploy any subs during Operation Rough Seas, and that the helicopter is unarmed in gameplay, it can be inferred that the Ka-25 featured in "Invincible Fleet" is the Ka-25PS, an unarmed search-and-rescue variant of the base model. This would make sense given the context of the mission; Erusea likely launched the helicopter from its aircraft carrier for search-and-rescue in its vicinity.
  • The Ka-25 is easy to confuse for the Ka-27. The distinguishing feature that separates the two is the existence of a middle tail fin on the Ka-25, which is missing on the -27 model.