Kacper Cohen is the leader of the USEA Federation and the terrorist organization Sons of Troia.


Wernher Noah

Cohen was the chief military official and weapons developer at Wernher and Noah Enterprises. It is unclear how long he held the position, but it could be inferred that he was brought into the company sometime during the immediate aftermath of the Ulysses Disaster. During his time at the company, he grew resentment towards the United Nations for their handling of world affairs following the disaster, and believed that the world deserved better.[2]

It is unknown who, if anyone, worked with him on the projects, but he eventually took the model of the MQ-90 Quox (a UAV developed by Wernher Noah) and modified it for attack, eventually creating a new model: the MQ-90L. He also initiated a project codenamed Shattered Skies to develop the OLDS. After Operation Gambit in May 2019, in which many of the modified Quox's attacked Tokyo, the United Nations performed an investigation into the company and discovered the OLDS. This led to his dismissal from the company.[3]

Sons of Troia

Following his dismissal, Cohen created the Sons of Troia, whose aim was eventually to form the USEA Federation. In the following months, the Sons of Troia would perform multiple attacks around the world.

While the United Nations (having hired Arrows Air Defense and Security to assist) tracked down leads on the OLDS at Comona Base[3], the terrorists kidnapped the Greymen and assassinated them.[2] They also commandeered Stonehenge Type-3 and used it to attack the United Nations Forces, Ridgeback Squadron, and Bone Arrow Squadron who were tracking down a false lead to save the Greymen. Unfortunately, the majority of the UNF and Bone Arrow survived the attack.[4]

Cohen decided that it was time to announce his plans to the world. In his "USEA Federation Proclamation", he revealed that the Greymen were killed and introduced the USEA Federation. Simultaneously, USEA's armed forces performed a massive coup d'état across the Eurasian continent, capturing many important cities such as Tokyo. The United Nations responded with a dual offensive in the Persian Gulf and Tokyo. In defending Tokyo, Cohen utilized an Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser, the MQ-90L, and a QFA-44 Carmilla controlled by Camilla. All of them were destroyed during Operation Override, but it is implied that USEA has stockpiled more of these units.


  • The name "Kacper" translates to "Casper" in English and "Jasper" in Persian, which is commonly used as the name of one of the "three kings" who are believed to have visited Jesus after his birth.[5]
    • This results in the theory that there could be two other people who are working or previously worked with Cohen on the OLDS.
  • Cohen shares his surname with the Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere character Simon Orestes Cohen, who was a scientist involved in the development of AI weapons. Therefore, it could be inferred that Kacper Cohen built the systems loaded onto the QFA-44 Carmilla seen in Operation Override.
  • His goal is similar to that of A World With No Boundaries. He stated that "all of mankind must come together now to deal with this crisis" in his speech.


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