This article concerns Nagase from the novel Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky. For other characters with similar names, see Kei Nagase.

Kei Nagase was a fighter and test pilot of the Japanese military, where she was assigned to the Joint Test Flying Evaluation Squadron during the development of the ASF-X Shinden II. She is one of the main characters of Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky, alongside Wataru Asano.


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With the goal of becoming a fighter pilot, Nagase first joined the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) around the time the ASF program was announced because at the time the JASDF did not employ women as fighter pilots. While in the JMSDF, Nagase became a helicopter pilot and was later transferred to the JASDF for fighter pilot training with the 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Komatsu Air Force Base, however she kept ther affiliation to the navy. During her stay with the Golden Eagles squadron, Major Mishima instructed Nagase on flying the F-15J and it was there that Nagase the first met Asano. Upon completion of her fighter pilot training, Nagase was transferred to the 19th Task Force in order to get some scrambling experience.[1]

Due to her flying skills and training as both a fighter and helicopter pilot, Nagase was chosen to become a test pilot during the development of the ASF program.


Nagase is very competitive, specially when another pilot threatens to break one of her records.



  • The depictions of Nagase in the novel follow the same art style from Project Nagase.


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