All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Born on 5/19/2010. After graduating from a senior high school affiliated with Sandberry GR Defense College in 2028, he joined General Resource Ltd. He enrolled and currently goes to GRDF. Unlike his Squad Leader, Abyssal Dision, Keith remains loyal to General Resource and goes on a quest to shoot down Dision.

If the player flies for Ouroboros, Keith will attack Dision, Rena, and the player. Once he is damaged enough, he will do a kamikaze attack on the Night Raven and get his plane stuck in it. The player will then shoot Keith off the Night Raven, finally shooting him down, and destroying the Night Raven. If the player joins and stays with General Resource, he and Keith will attack Ouroboros. The player and Keith will attack the Night Raven at the underground city Geofront, destroying the city to take out Night Raven. They will then chase the Night Raven out of Geofront and shoot it (and Rena Hirose) down. Afterwards, they will chase down Dision and Keith will destroy him, damaging his own plane in the process.



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