All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"The Kestrel... is gone."
Albert Genette[1]

The Kestrel disaster[2] was a brief battle in the Ceres Ocean between the fleet of the OFS Kestrel and an unidentified submarine.


While the members of the Razgriz Squadron were receiving a briefing for the imminent battle of Sudentor, the Kestrel was suddenly hit by a submarine-launched anti-carrier missile.[3] The carrier's CIWS operators immediately began a counter barrage of artillery against a second wave of incoming missiles. Some were destroyed, but one managed to hit the carrier again. The ship immediately began to list to starboard and started to sink.[1]

Captain Andersen ordered an immediate launch of all four of Razgriz's pilots, and an "abandon ship" for everyone on the ship that wasn't a part of the catapult crew. As the evacuation and aircraft launch were underway, the rest of the Kestrel's fleet engaged and eventually destroyed the unknown submarine that had fired the missiles.[1] It is believed that this submarine was the only belligerent outside of the Kestrel and her fleet.

The Razgriz Squadron was successfully launched, and no known casualties were suffered aboard the ship.[1] The passengers and crew were saved by the remaining ships in the fleet, especially the OFS Andromeda.[4]


  • The only known groups that could have attacked the Kestrel were Yuktobanian warmongers (in retaliation for Operation Glory Horn as well as due to Yuktobania's expansive submarine program), Osean warmongers (in retaliation for Operation Glory Horn), or the Grey Men (potentially to kill the members of the Razgriz Squadron).