Khesed Island is a large island in the Republic of Emmeria that lies west of mainland Anea. It is home to Bartolomeo Fortress, a major installation of the Republic of Emmeria Army.

Anean Continental War

Khesed Island saw conflicts early in the Anean Continental War. After the initial Estovakian attack, a large portion of Emmerian military forces retreated to the Island. Two-thirds of the island quickly came under Estovakian control. In an attempt to finish off the Emmerians, the Estovakian Air Force launched an air raid on Campagna Airport in Vitoze, a city in southern Khesed. However, all ten of the bombers were shot down by the 28th Fighter Squadron, also known as Garuda Team.

After that battle, which was Emmeria's first victory, Emmeria launched its first offensive, attacking Sipli Field in central Khesed. Warlock Separate Battalion, Quox Armored Battalion, and Steel Gunners Battalion attacked Estovakian ground forces. With air support, they were able to defeat the Estovakians. The Emmerians then pushed north and attacked Bartolomeo Fortress on Mt. Marcello. Warlock and Quox attacked the fortress, with air support from fighters and an electronic support plane, Snake Pit. During the attack, two of the pilots of the elite EAF squadron Strigon appeared, but were shot down by Garuda One.

After the Estovakians were defeated at Bartolomeo Fortress, Khesed was once again completely under Emmerian control. The Emmerians then launched an amphibious assault on Ortara, and began to push the Estovakians back within their own borders. Therefore, Khesed did not see anything of the rest of the war.

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