"A satellite?! How can it attack from up there?"
Yuktobanian infantry[1]

A Kinetic Energy Weapon[2] (KEW) is a specialized device that can fire some projectile towards Earth. The projectile gains destructive power through kinetic energy simply by falling at a high velocity. These projectiles can be as basic as metal rods, or as advanced as MIRVs.



The Osean SOLG

Near the end of the Cold War, Osea began development of the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun, designed as a platform for kinetic energy weapons. The project wasn't completed by the end of the subsequent Belkan War, through which Osea ended their Cold War with Yuktobania, leading to the SOLG's abandonment.[3]

The SOLG was later commandeered by the Grey Men, who aimed to use it against Osea themselves by loading a V2 into it. Razgriz Squadron, while under attack by the SOLG's KEWs, destroyed its control system in Sudentor,[1] triggering a fail-safe mechanism to begin dropping the SOLG towards Oured. Razgriz Squadron engaged the SOLG directly and destroyed it.[4]

Infinity universe

A SOLG -Schroeter- in the Infinity universe

In the Infinity universe, an unknown country initiated a similar program for a series of KEW-capable satellites referred to as SOLGs. These satellites were later commandeered by the USEA Federation, who aimed to drop them onto Tokyo during Operation Eternal Liberation. The United Nations Forces sent mercenary squadrons to destroy the satellites and protect the city.[5]

While destroying the satellites, the mercenaries specifically targeted the KEW shells themselves, even though they were inoperable.[5]


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