"Phoenix, I truly believe that you can end this war. You've got what it takes to be called an Ace pilot. Now let's go kick some butt! Show 'em what an Ace can do!"

Kingpin is the twenty-first mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The player must destroy the Rebels' HQ in Saint Ark.


Now for your mission briefing. Both Operations Alphaville and Bellissima were a success, allowing the Allied Forces to begin an invasion on the Rebel capital and command center, Saint Ark. Scarface Squadron has been assigned with the important task of heading the attack. The enemy has set up several lines of defense in Saint Ark's urban areas. We are to crush them and provide support for the Allied invasion forces that will follow after us. The entire metropolitan area has been armed, and we've confirmed large numbers of enemy fighters. It's going to be an all-out battle, but with your past victories, I know you'll be able to handle it. You are then to attack and destroy the enemy command center located on the northernmost edge of Saint Ark. Take out the Rebel Forces and restore peace to the land once and for all. Now, this may just be a hunch, but something tells me we'll be seeing that red aircraft again. That aircraft seems to get stronger with every battle. If we happen to encounter it again, you can expect it to be an even tougher fight. Be careful out there. To Saint Ark's freedom. Scarface Squadron, head out![1]


The mission's primary targets in the are three Silos. Destroying them causes the second defense line to appear.

The second line's primary targets are two Silos. Destroying it causes a Z.O.E F-15 S/MTD to appear. This is a primary target. Shooting it down causes the third defense line to appear.

The third defense line's primary target is a single Silo. Destroying it causes the HQ's defenses to spawn.

The HQ defenses' primary targets are 2 SAMs and 2 AA Guns to appear outside the Rebel HQ. Destroying them makes the HQ available to target.

Destroying the HQ completes the mission.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Finish the mission with 9610 points or more. This score is equivalent to destroying all enemies including the named unit. (destroy TGT enemies last, as some non-TGT enemies despawn when the mission advances to the next set of TGTs.)


The Rebel command center has been destroyed. Thanks to Scarface Squadron's effort, the lines of defense throughout the city have been neutralized. We've also received work from our allies that the ports have been reclaimed. Now it's just a matter of time before the city is liberated. However, one of our patrol planes has reported seeing an unidentified ship on the waters around Saint Ark. Looks like we'll have to jump into the next mission. Get ready.[1]