Kirwin Island, alternatively Fjord Island,[citation needed] is a large island located off the northwestern coast of the Osean continent, west of the Rowan Peninsula. The island is claimed by the Osean Federation and possesses a small air base.[2]


Kirwin Island is situated at the edge of the Arctic Ocean and is blanketed with snow. During the winter months, the waters surrounding the island freeze over, making passage through the area hazardous for small vessels. Kirwin Island features rocky, rugged topography dotted with fjords and icy inlets.


At some point during the Circum-Pacific War, the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet's aircraft carrier Kestrel was stationed at Kirwin Island. The Kestrel had lost many of its airmen, and without pilots to fly its aircraft, the carrier was placed in reserve. Sometime after, the Kestrel and its fleet intercepted a Belkan cargo vessel in the vicinity of Kirwin Island that was smuggling aircraft manufactured by Gründer Industries to Yuktobania.[1]

On December 7, 2010, the survivors of the supposedly traitorous Wardog Squadron were saved by Sea Goblin and taken to the Kestrel at Kirwin Island.[3] Over the next few weeks, Kirwin Island and the Kestrel served as the base of operations for the newly formed Razgriz Squadron.



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