"I almost feel bad for those guys. Key word, almost."
― Knocker during Operation Dual Wielder

Knocker is the flight lead of the Osean Air Defense Force's Golem Squadron. A pilot with a serious demeanor, he manages his wingmen strictly and does not allow them to show off.[1]


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During the Lighthouse War, he led Golem Squadron in Operation Dual Wielder. He helped secure air superiority over the Chopinburg Rainforest. However, he was then forced to retreat after an enemy Arsenal Bird arrived, and was helpless to prevent the death of Brownie at the hands of Mihaly. After the events of Operation Lighthouse Keeper, he is not seen again and his fate remains unknown.

In contrast to Clown vouching for Trigger's skills after the latter's first sortie during Operation Deer Horn, Knocker had a more level response, remarking that it was early days yet, although he did not shy away from offering Trigger advice during the mission.



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