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For the Strangereal superweapons, see P-1113 Kottos.

The Kottos-class heavy command cruiser is a class of heavy command cruisers that have appeared in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and Ace Combat Infinity. Their main purpose is to support Gyges- and Aigaion-class cruisers with electronic warfare support, typically through jamming enemy radars.



The P-1113 Kottos were two of the airships built for the Estovakian Aerial Fleet. The Kottos' main purpose was to provide electronic support for the fleet via radar domes, one placed near the cockpit and the other in the tail section. They possessed very little onboard weaponry; thus, they relied on friendly aircraft and the P-1114 Gyges to defend it. Unlike the Gyges, which may disperse from the fleet to engage enemies, the Kottos stay close to the P-1112 Aigaion and provide ESM support to all friendly craft.[1]

The two Kottos airships, like the rest of the EAF, were shot down in a large-scale engagement with the Republic of Emmeria Air Force in early 2016.[1]


The USEA Federation seized an unspecified number of these aerial warships during their uprising. A total of eight were deployed to support the four Aigaion variants in their air force and were destroyed by United Nations Forces in a series of operations.

A single Kottos was paired with a Gyges and deployed to the West Indies during an operation to capture a space center there, and a similar pair was deployed to repel UN forces in the Adriatic Sea. Both of these ships were shot down during these engagements.


  • Width: 486.45m
  • Length: 205.44m
  • Height: 43.61m[2]


  • The Kottos' namesake comes from the Greek Hekatonkheires, massive giants with one hundred arms that helped overthrow the Titans.
  • The "P-1113" in the Kottos' designation is displayed for a few brief seconds in the beginning of the briefing for the mission Heavy Command Cruiser.[1]
  • Although the Kottos appears to be unarmed, it does share the same physical feature of six ports and starboard missile launchers just like the Gyges (they can be seen launching from them).[1]
  • Kottos' arrays in Ace Combat Infinity no longer transmit ESM, but instead they transmit jamming signals that block the attackers' radars due to the lack of ESM system in Infinity. Though Sky-Eye still calls them as ESM pods instead of ECM pods.