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Krista Yoslav (Serbian: Криста Иослав) was the forbidden wife of Andrei Markov during the Bosnian War. She was killed by a NATO bombing raid, and her death was the motivation for Markov's terrorist activities during 2015 and 2016.


The reason for Krista Yoslav's marriage to Markov being forbidden was never made clear. However, it is believed that Krista was of Bosnian descent. It was likely that Markov was involved with Russia's military assistance of Yugoslavia during the war; him being married to a Bosnian, the people they were waging war against, would have complicated the situation.

Krista yoslav

Markov holding Krista's body in Bosnia

During late August and early September 1995, NATO forces initiated Operation Deliberate Force which involved a massive bombing campaign against ground forces of the Yugoslavia-friendly Republika Srpska. One of the Deliberate Force bombing runs had gone off-course from its intended target, and dropped bombs onto a civilian area. Among the casualties was Krista Yoslav. Markov and his friend, Sergei Illich, discovered her body on the destroyed street just as the NATO bombers were leaving the airspace above.[1]

Since then, Markov swore revenge against NATO, especially the United States of America, and formed the New Russian Federation to accomplish his goal.[1]


  • No information is explicitly provided about Krista Yoslav from the game except a photograph and her death.


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