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Kvasir (クヴァシル)[1] is an unknown entity in Ace Combat Infinity, believed to be either a human male or an AI program. He is responsible for overseeing the Butterfly Master in the Papillon Project satellite.


  • Kvasir refers to the Butterfly Master as "Master".
  • Kvasir has been named twice in Infinity:
    • The first is during the introduction of Wernher and Noah Enterprises during the second story cutscene, where Kvasir is mentioned in a diary among the internet browser's tabs.
    • The second is during Area B7R, when the Butterfly Master asks Kvasir, what's going on? when time runs out (if the player doesn't shoot down the aircraft in time).
  • In Norse mythology, Kvasir was a god who spread knowledge until he was killed. His blood was drained and mixed with honey to create the mead of poetry which would grant the drinker unlimited wisdom. This is partly resembled in Infinity; the Butterfly Master receives story "lessons" from Kvasir consistently, and the COFFIN system utilized in the Papillon satellite features a honeycomb pattern.


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