Lamar Zimmermann, callsign Wolkenmeer, was a Belkan Air Force ace pilot and captain of the 29th Tactical Fighter Squadron during the Belkan War.[1]


In the early stages of the Belkan War, Zimmerman destroyed the impenetrable radar system located in Wesson, Osea in under four minutes, resulting in the Belkan forces taking over the city.[1]

On May 13, 1995, as the war turned into the Allied Forces' favor and being on the verge of liberating Ustio, Zimmermann defended the capital Directus, being shot down by Galm Team.[2]

After the war, he pursued a career researching communication engineering.[1]



  • His callsign "Wolkenmeer" is German for "Sea of clouds".
  • In the English version, it's incorrectly stated that Zimmerman destroyed a laser network.
  • Zimmermann is also the name of Arthur Zimmermann, the state secretary of foreign affair of the German Empire during World War I.


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