The Lambert Mountains, also known as Mount Lambert, are a mountain range on the Usean continent. They have been the site of many decisive engagements throughout Usea's history.


The Lambert Mountains begin in northwestern Usea near the Kingdom of Erusea and terminates at the Gnome Ravine, at the southern San Salvacion border. It is the second longest mountain range in Usea and together with the Waiapolo Mountains, form the "spine" of the continent. The mountainous terrain is extremely rugged, making it difficult to near impossible for ground troops to traverse. Whiskey Corridor to the southwest of the mountains is the only easily accessibly route between the Lambert and Amber ranges.[2]


Usean coup d'état

Early engagements

On March 31, 1998, Phoenix was tasked with eliminating a rebel reconnaissance squadron attempting to track the Usean Allied Forces troop movements. After destroying all of the recon aircraft and their escorts, Lancer Squadron entered the airspace and engaged Phoenix in an intense dogfight over the mountains. Phoenix eventually emerged victorious after shooting down all of the Lancer fighters.[1]

Rebels' retreat

Several months later, on June 22, 1998, Scarface Squadron was tasked with escorting a C-5 Galaxy transport, callsign "Dryman", carrying a VIP over the Lambert Mountains. Despite the rebels' attempt to intercept and shoot down the transport, the mission was a success, and Dryman safely arrived at its destination.[3]

Intercorporate War

During the simulation, UPEO representative Gabriel William Clarkson, on board an R-505U under the controls of Fiona Chris Fitzgerald, was bound for Cape Rainy by passing over the Lambert Mountains. Nemo and Erich Jager were the only escorts guarding the transport. Shortly after they entered the mountains' airspace, a flight of General Resource Defense Force aircraft led by Abyssal Dision ambushed them. The surprise attack failed, and Nemo and Jager shot down the GRDF fighters.[4]

Just as it was over, however, UPEO command informed the escorts that Clarkson and other UPEO personnel were secretly attempting to defect to Neucom Incorporated, and Nemo and Jager were ordered to shoot down the transport. In the resulting confusion, Rena Hirose appeared, prioritizing the completion of the objective UPEO handed down as Jager attempted to contact Fitzgerald under radio jamming.[4]

At that point, the events that transpire vary: Nemo either shoots down the transport, killing Clarkson and everyone on board, or shoots down an escort and defects with the transport to Neucom. In another scenario, Nemo, who had sided with General Resource, flies with Dision as part of his ambush and successfully shoots down the transport. This arouses suspicion from fellow wingman Keith Bryan due to the nature of the target.[4]