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Petral Coost, a Usean Allied Forces landing ship

Landing ships are vessels designed to transport vehicles and cargo across water.



Landing ships were fielded for decades in the Strangereal universe but how far back their deployment goes is unknown.

Belkan War

Usean coup d'état

During the Usean coup d'état, landing ships were utilised by both the Usean Allied Forces and the Usean Rebel Forces. During the rebel's bomber attack on Anchorhead, a landing ship, callsign Leonid, was seen heading west for unknown reasons. The ship was later sunk by Scarface Squadron.[1] During Operation Alphaville, the Usean Allied Forces deployed Petral Coost to Rocky Island in order to assist Scarface Squadron in destroying Turntable, a geothermal power plant. After Petral Coost reached the shore, a landing team was deployed in order to open the vents so that Phoenix could fly in and destroy the core. This mission was a success.[2]

Continental War

ISAF used landing ships during Operation Bunker Shot with the objective to retake the mainland from Erusea with the help of Mobius 1.[3] Landing ships were used once again by the ISAF during Operation Autumn Thunder.[4]

Circum-Pacific War

During the Circum-Pacific War, landing ships were utilized by the Yuktobanian Navy during their assault on the Sand Island Air Force Base.[5] The Osean Army also utilized landing ships during Operation Footprint.[6]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, landing ships were fielded by the Republic of Emmeria Navy during the Rargom Beach offensive to transport hovercrafts carrying the Warlock Separate Battalion and the Quox Armored Battalion.[7]

Lighthouse War

The Osean Maritime Defense Force fielded a fleet of landing ships over the course of the Lighthouse War. During Operation Sighthound, the OFS Puffin was deployed to capture the submarine carrier Alicorn but was later heavily damaged by the rogue vessel.[8] During Operation Giant's Step, the landing ships Ptarmigan and Pheasant were deployed to land troops at Farbanti port.[9] During Operation Reflux, the landing ships Sunbird, Bunting, and Wagtail were tasked with evacuating surviving troops off of Tyler Island.[10]

Aurelian War

During the Aurelian War, landing ships were fielded by the navies of both Aurelia and Leasath.[11] Notable units include the 5th and 7th Amphibious Units.[12][13]

Joint Assault universe

Landing ships were fielded by the Valahia during their attack on Boso Peninsula. All units were sunk by Antares Squadron.[14]

Infinity universe

During Operation Eternal Liberation, landing ships were utilized by the USEA Federation.[15]

Named Units

Usean Allied Forces

  • Petral Coost

Usean Rebel Forces

  • Leonid

Leasath Navy

  • 5th Amphibious Unit
  • 7th Amphibious Unit

Osean Navy

  • OFS Puffin
  • OFS Ptarmigan
  • OFS Sunbird
  • OFS Wagtail
  • OFS Pheasant
  • OFS Bunting