"I feel their pain, I really do. But this is war."
― Lanza[1]

Lanza is an Osean Air Defense Force pilot and a member of the Cyclops Squadron of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, having been transferred from the Strider Squadron. As a pilot with a relaxed attitude, he tends to say "Wow".[2]


Attack on the Njord Fleet

Lanza's first known action in the war was on August 10, 2019, during Operation Siren's Song. He flew as Strider 4 to attack the Erusean Njord Fleet under the squadron's new leader, Trigger. He expressed doubts about his new leader's competency, especially compared to the other new transfer, Count, but by the end of the mission, Lanza was convinced of Trigger's skill.[3]

Osean Counterattack

Lanza participated in the operation to destroy the Arsenal Bird Liberty.[4] The operation ended in complete success with the destruction of the Arsenal Bird. He then participated in an attack on an active Erusean IRBM cluster.[5]

The Hunt for the Alicorn

On September 10, Lanza, flying as Strider 3, participated in Operation Domino, a raid on Anchorhead Harbor to destroy mothballed ships belonging to the Erusean Navy in order to prevent the rogue Erusean super-sub Alicorn, which had previously escaped Artiglio Port on September 4, from linking up with reinforcements or resupplying at the harbor.[6]

Push for Farbanti

Lanza once again flew as Strider 4 during a mission to capture the Erusean airbase at Cape Rainy. The mission was a success and gave the LRSSG the springboard they needed to seize the capital.[1] On September 19, Osea initiated Operation Giant's Step to capture Erusea's capital of Farbanti. While the operation succeeded, the global satellite network crashed due to an A-SAT attack by both Osea and Erusea, plunging both countries into chaos.[7]

Following the return of Strider after a failed mission to link up with Erusean general Édouard Labarthe, Lanza, now Cyclops 3, stopped an attack on the LRSSG's temporary home, Gardos Air Base.[8]

Lanza sortied with the rest of the LRSSG to Tyler Island on October 10, intending to seize the island. However, they found the rest of the Osean forces outnumbered and on the run. The LRSSG proceeded to provide air support and managed to get all troops off of the island safely, while also destroying two supply ships headed for the second Arsenal Bird, Justice.[9]

Lanza's final sortie of the war saw him and the rest of the LRSSG fly to Selatapura on October 31 to join up with a joint Osean-Erusean coalition with the purpose of destroying the Arsenal Bird Justice and finally retake the space elevator. After a long battle, the Justice fell from the sky. However, two advanced UAVs arrived in the AO and immediately attacked the coalition forces.[10] Lanza was one of the pilots who managed to escape the two drones, but his plane was out of commission, preventing him from taking part in the final battle of the war on November 1st. [11]


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