The X-49 Night Raven firing its Laser Cannon.

The Laser Cannon is a secondary weapon in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

The Laser Cannon is an energy-class weapon compatible with the X-49 Night Raven and its Neucom Incorporated analogue, the XR-900 Geopelia which uses Aeon technology. In the Export version, it is the X-49 and XR-900's only gun-type weapon, whereas in the original uncut version. It has a high amount of damage per shot, destroying nearly all targets hit with a single impact. It has a maximum accuracy rating and 0% reload.

In the cutscene of the Japanese mission "Heart of the Serpent", the full power of the Laser Cannon when a brainwashed Rena Hirose uses the X-49 to sink the seaborne city of Megafloat with a single shot, causing the platform to break apart completely. In actual gameplay, however, the weapon cannot damage or affect the environment in any way.