Last Hope is the 16th campaign mission in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The player must escort General Édouard Labarthe and his transport from Erusean forces as they make their way outside Anchorhead Bay.


Erusea's communication networks have been down since their satellites were destroyed. Unfortunately, we are experiencing trouble too. All of Usea has been affected, and we don't know when things will be back up and running. We're not even sure if this is Erusea's doing. Still, we will follow the strategy that was originally planned and move on to the next operation after liberating Farbanti. Let's get to it. Since the war began, we have been receiving communications in secret from an officer in the Erusean Army. With the capital under our control, Erusea's radical element is losing support quickly, affecting the balance of power. HQ is thinking of using the military officer as a way to gain leverage to settle peace negotiations. The officer is currently hiding in the outskirts of Anchorhead Bay, having joined up with support dispatched from the Osean Army. The plan is that they'll take a standard vehicle to a rendezvous point at a harbor in the east part of the city where a helicopter will be waiting. I would like the new Strider Squadron to provide escort for the officer. Cyclops will remain at the base on standby to serve as defense. With the communication network currently down in the capital, I very much doubt Erusea will be able to mount a regimented counterattack. However, it is likely that Erusea's intelligence department and the remaining forces who are aware of the officer's movements will interfere. Keep a close eye on the officer and make sure he stays safe. Our victory in Farbanti has given us a golden opportunity to finally end this war. Be safe out there. Take note that our satellite-based IFF has become unreliable following the recent communications failure. As such, target ID will be done by processing the images from the infrared cameras on your aircraft. Objects will initially appear as "UNKNOWN" on your HUDs, but will be ID'd once you close in on them for a set period of time.



The player is to protect General Labarthe’s vehicle (LARBARTHE) until it reaches the rendezvous point. Every so often, it will be necessary to clear forces obstructing Labarthe's path (or pursuing him), either by identifying them as friendlies or destroying them if they are hostile. Various targets of opportunity are also scattered around the city.

Without the satellite link, all targets are marked as yellow UNKNOWNs until identified, by keeping them in the center of the player's view until they turn green or blue. Holding the “switch target” button to focus on yellow targets will help identify them faster, and is often easier than turning the aircraft to point its nose at the desired target. Destroying UNKNOWN targets will not grant any points, and destroying too many allied units by accident will result in mission failure.

Mission Update[]

The player must destroy all TGT aircraft attacking the civilian transport, but is not allowed to attack them until they are identified.

Mission Update[]

The drone F/A-18Fs escorting the transport turn on the player and must be shot down, along with several MQ-99 drones launched from nearby container trucks.

Enemy Lists[]

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Standard Units[]

All units will be marked as UNKNOWN on the HUD until identified by the player or an ally.

Section Unit Points Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirEnemy SU-34 600 2
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-18F 500 2
Icon-AirEnemy SU-35S 700 2 [note 1]
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-18F 500 4
Icon-AirEnemy AH-64D 200 2
Icon-AirEnemy SU-35S 700 2
Icon-AirEnemy MIG-29A 340 2 [note 2]
Icon-GroundEnemy RADAR VEHICLE 120 1
Icon-GroundEnemy APC 120
Icon-GroundEnemy RKTL TRUCK 120
Icon-GroundEnemy SAM 200
Icon-GroundEnemy AA GUN 150
Icon-GroundEnemy TANK 150
Icon-GroundEnemy VEHICLE 120 3 [note 3]
Icon-GroundEnemy GUNBOAT 150 6
Mission Update 1 Icon-AirEnemy C-1 1000 1 [note 4]
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-18F 500 3 [note 5]
Icon-AirTGT YF-23 800 2
Icon-AirTGT SU-33 600 2
Icon-AirTGT MIG-29A 340 [note 6]
Icon-AirTGT SU-33 600 [note 7]
Mission Update 2 Icon-AirTGT F/A-18F 500 3
Icon-AirTGT MQ-99 350 8 [note 8]

Special Unit[]

Unit Points Notes
Icon-AirEnemy Su-35S "AXEMAN" 1,800 [note 9]


Jaeger: In order to respond to the attack on the base, Cyclops has scrambled after being on standby. We'll head up too once our planes are ready. Oh, and Labarthe is dead.

Count: What did you say?

Jaeger: Apparently, he was shot down by another Osean aircraft after he left the area of operations. I mean, I know it was chaos, but still. At any rate, the sealed-order operation has come to a close. We have no idea about a plan for going forward. All we can do for now is watch our own backs.

Húxiān: What's up with the commander?

Jaeger: He's staying in his room. He's still alive since we can hear him crying.

S Rank[]

Earning an S Rank on this mission requires earning a combined score and time bonus of 39,040 points or more.

The maximum time bonus available is 19,240 for completing the mission in a total of 18 minutes or less. This includes time spent retrying from the checkpoint. If the player can complete the mission in that amount of time, they only need 19,800 points from destroying targets in the mission itself to earn the S Rank.

If the player goes past the 18 minutes threshold, the time bonus decreases by 40 points every second, so the player must compensate by destroying more targets to hit the 39,040 point threshold.


  1. These SU-35s may be friendly for an unknown reason.
  2. These MIG-29As may be friendly for an unknown reason.
  3. VEHICLEs appear if LABARTHE's vehicle takes a detour and harmlessly pursue them. If not destroyed, they will crash into buildings on their own.
  4. Destruction of the C-1 will result in Mission Failure.
  5. Destruction of an F/A-18F will result in Mission Failure, but they can be destroyed before the mission update as soon as their priority box disappears.
  6. Destroying the YF-23s before they become targets will spawn two MIG-29As, with the same identification state. Destroying additional MIG-29As before they become targets will spawn two more MIG-29As.
  7. Destroying the SU-33s before they become targets will spawn two SU-33s, with the same identification state. Destroying additional SU-33s before they become targets will spawn two more SU-33s.
  8. MQ-99s will launch from the ground in groups of four, ascending in a spiral pattern.
  9. The player must have completed this mission at least once, and must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. Earn about 10,000 points. AXEMAN spawns above the southeastern part of the city, but will be marked as UNKNOWN until confirmed as an enemy.